Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jeremiah takes his boards tomorrow morning....


He has been extremely diligent to study,


So we've been extremely diligent in staying out of his way.


It's been hard though.


No seriously, I know these pictures look like we're having the time of our life with my Dad


And Taylor


But really, we've been missing Jeremiah really, REALLY bad


And trying to vent the missing towards being proud of hard he works,



Instead of angry about only being allowed to speak to him while he is putting food into his mouth (not really...but sort of :))


I was against coming to Dothan while he studied for these boards...I was worried I would spend three weeks feeling like I was in everybody's way.

Ummmm, I may be in their way, but when you get to do things like this after dinner, it's hard to care!


So don't feel too sorry for us, living with our personal belongings strewn in every house, vehicle, storage shed, and horse trailer across the tri-state area.


We miss Jeremiah, but we're pretty happy.


I'd love a prayer for success for my labor-loaded husband, if the Spirit moves you :)



Lauren said...

precious pictures and i am praying for your husband and his test!!!

Stephanie said...

i am enjoying following your journey from residency to fellowship - and yes {as the wife of an ortho resident} i will definitely say some prayers. blessings to you and your family

Kellie said...

Saying a prayer right now....enjoy these precious times and memories with family and friends and quality time with your girls, they are so beautiful!!!

Melissa said...

I stopped reading and said a prayer for Jeremiah even before I got to your request. Hoping all goes well for him today!

aedozier said...

Consider it done! Dr. Maddox is doing a procedure on my Grandmother today ;-) won't be long and Jeremiah will be practicing and all that hard work and dilligence will pay off...for both of you!

Lindsey said...

prayed for him and you guys this morning! glad you are having fun with family and creation:).

melissa richie said...

prayed for jeremiah yesterday and hope everything went well. i know you'll all be glad he's done!'s getting close to time to hit the road! so fun! i can't wait to hear about your journey across the country.

miss you, friend.

Pamela said...

so glad you all have had this great time to spend with friends and family before you head out to
WA we all miss you here in B'ham and any time you want to visit we can drum up some storage sheds for ya'll. Ella love seeing the pics of Pace. Our prayers are with Jeremiah

Beth Goff said...

Beautiful pictures!! I hope the test went well and I am so glad yall are having a good time!

Pete & Ang said...

A friend told me about your blog as I'm also the wife of a resident (family med) and mama of a little girl. I do hope Jeremiah's boards went well and that you're enjoying time together again! Beautiful pics. I so enjoy reading your posts.

Anonymous said...

Abby.. all i must say is we need to teach you photoshop FAST - straighten up a few rolls on a certain full body swimsuit shot :) ok thats that.
Have yall left yet??
Taylor_the crouching tiger

Gail said...

Sweet Girl, Prayers, prayers,prayers and good thoughts for all of you! Enjoy this three weeks. We look back and wish we had done that.... A LOT more! It goes by fast and you have wonderful memories. I know Jeremiah will do GREAT. He is so smart! Go, enjoy, play hard and don't feel anything but...HAPPY and soooo very blessed! g