Monday, February 15, 2010

V-Day 2010

Last night, Jeremiah and I went to see that new Valentine's Day movie, and Ashton Kutcher has a one-liner that really captures the spirit of why I love this holiday so much. (I've tried to find the exact quote, but I don't think the movie has been out long enough) It goes something like this:

Jennifer Garner: I just don't know.... You really think I should fly all the way to San Francisco just to surprise him [her boyfriend] on Valentine's Day?

Ashton: It's Valentine's Day! You don't think you just DO!

And that's it. It's the one day that it's totally socially acceptable to stand in the parking lot of your husband's workplace (even in the drenching rain) bearing a sign that tells just how much you love him. Or to wear various shades of pink and purple and red from head to toe, because it looks like love, and that makes you smile. Or to spend a whole bunch of money on a dinner you can't afford, because you want to shower down scrumptious love on somebody else.

Or you make a whole lot of bread: And honey cinnamon butter:And wrap it up: And come up with a little saying that you are ever-so-proud of :) :

And load up your little Valentine's Day goblins (and your obliging husband, poor guy) to help you deliver:
And drop them on the doorsteps (or in the hands, in this case) of some of the people who have brought love and happiness to your life over the past year:

Because it's Valentine's Day! and you don't think you just DO...and that makes me ever-so-happy.


Gail said...

I LOVED this one! GREAT, great, great thoughts of LOVE!

Mott @ The Courtyard Gate said...

You have such a refreshing heart of giving! That is such a blessing and gift in our "what's in it for me" society. You wisely use your 'gift' to give others gifts! A very wise woman indeed!

Blueprint Bliss said...

You are so sweet, Abby. I can't tell you how much it made my day to receive this treat made with love!

Susannah said...

Sweet! Hope you guys had a great V-Day! Love the bread and butter idea...precious! :)

Taylor said...

abs!! THE bread and butter was awesome_ you always outdo yourself:)
Love you

Konie said...

The Bryant/Clark bread has ONE teeny tiny piece left!! Actually, I really think I'm about to eat it right now!!! Bread and butter are both soooooo DELICIOUS!! Thank you so much! Great seeing you all yesterday :)

Debbie Nix said...

Abby you are way too creative..loved the idea of the butter and did you make the butter? The picture of the girls is precious..such mommy's the way you had it need to do a spot on Home Made Simple.

Darby said...

Yum-O! I hope you saved me a loaf of that bread. And that last picture cracks me up... he's smelling the jar of honey butter rather than the bread! :) You are ONE GOOD Valentine's-er.

melissa richie said...

i've single-handedly consumed almost 3/4 of our bread and a good 1/2 cup of the butter.


thank you so much! it was so great!!