Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Two Visitors

We've got two little visitors this week. Lucy Pants (not sure why I call her that...Whitney, do you call her that?) (Is two parenthetical thoughts in a row too much ? :) Just wanted any new visitors to know that Lucy is my best-friend-since-2nd-grade's baby girl who I play with from time to time):


And Mrs. Ohs:

Mrs. Ohs is Jeremiah's "Mountain Mama." When he went to live in Montana for the year between college and medical school, he lived with Mrs. Ohs on her ranch.

They (as in he, Tommy, and Josh) say that they trained/broke some of her horses in exchange for room and board (oh and three meals a day, right Mrs. Ohs :)). I think it started out that way and ended with them all adopting each other. She made Jeremiah's groom's cake at our wedding...which is quite a funny story that you'll have to remind me to tell you sometime. Let's just say that if you were at our wedding, I bet you didn't notice a groom's cake anywhere, but you did probably enjoy a delicious piece.

We got a lot accomplished in the basement this weekend (thanks to some help from my Dad, my sisters and their husbands), and we "close" on Thursday.

I've taken this week off from packing, for the most part, and chosen to enjoy our two visitors instead. Today, we took on the zoo.

And I do mean we "took it on." As I'm sure any mother with three small children would heartily agree.


We managed to lose Pace once.

And Mary Aplin once.


And there was THIS moment (notice the tiny little screen, marshy green water, and distracted Mrs. Ohs):

When I thought Mary Aplin might get eaten by this guy:

Fortunately Lucy was strapped in and unable to be misplaced.

And Whitney, just so you know, I've started just saying thank you when people tell me what a cute baby I have...or how cute her outfit is.

I even went so far today, as to make up a lie when some lady asked me who made my baby girl's precious dress. I hope it was her grandmother. It's just too complicated to try and make explanations when you're keeping up with these three:

We did have a whole LOT of fun.

And you can add the Zoo onto the list of places that will make me cry when we leave Birmingham:

Goodbye zebras:

Goodbye baby giraffe--who is not a baby anymore:


Goodbye anteater-that-always-reminds-me-that-God-has-a-sense-of-humor:

Goodbye Bengal Tiger:

I am sure you will miss Mary Aplin's challenges to your manhood (She's pretty sure she could take you, if need be. Don't let the blonde pig-tails fool you.):



And guess what Weeping Willow didn't even get a damp eye the whole day :) Maybe it was just an emotional week last week...maybe not.


Blueprint Bliss said...

What fun photos! I still can't believe y'all are moving. We will sure miss you and your sweet family.

Gail said...

Great memories...Engrave them in your heart! I sure will be praying for safe travels! Are you driving?

Lauren said...

I love that there is net all around the outside of the fence of the alligator pond. Something or someone must have fallen over for them to install it!

It was nice to meet Mrs. Ohs and put a face with a name that I heard so much about during college.

I had fun last night! Too bad we only manage to plan outings about once a year!

Rebecca Simon said...

Abby, Lucy is too cute in those pics! It looks as though y'all had fun that day! Thanks for all you do for Cole and Whit. I know they are going to miss you so much when y'all move...especially Lucy Goosey!

Jeff said...

Abby it's too much. Will you please put a hault to the sadness and maybe try a little something more upbeat for those of us you are leaving behind? Thanks. Oh and btw all of your sisters do not have husbands...I think you should've specified that because you made it sound like ALL of your sisters were helping you and ALL of their husbands were present. haha Love you Abby aka Bean Pole

Little Blue House said...

Beautiful little girls, gorgeous pictures! Good luck moving!

Anonymous said...

While I appreciate Jeff Nutt's comments regarding Bean Pole's lament - I am glad she will miss us here in Bham and that she is willing to share some of her sadness with us :)
with love and lament - "D-honor roll"

Kendall Clark said...

haha JeffNut would be me :) I as unware someone had signed onto my computer under that name!! T-hiney it's ok the make D's every now and then...

Lindsey said...

at least now i know i'm not the only one who occasionally loses her children:). looks like a lot of fun. hoping to see you guys again before the move!

Heather said...

Aww I just found your blog & live in Bham too! :) Fab photos, I'm obsessed with our white tiger. I remember when he was just a baby!
Heather @ www.savingmoneylivinglife.com

andi said...

Love the pictures!!!!! :) Happy day to you!

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