Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Could that title be any more dramatic? I just wanted to tell y'all that a friend told me this morning the new site does not automatically feed into google reader. Apparently, you have to add separately. I don't use reader, so I'm unsure how to direct you any farther...I do know there is a little icon that looks like sounds coming out of a megaphone in the top left corner of the new blog screen that has something to do with feedburner (apparently it's linked to google reader).

As long as I'm issuing warnings, let me give you something that really does require a warning...This Youtube video. I am usually the last to hear about these things, but if you haven't seen Antoine Dodson's reaction to his sister's near-rape experience, you should do yourself the favor of watching it {Not that rape is not extremely serious, and I wouldn't be thankful for a brother so willing to...defend me. It's just the way he goes about it...oh my}:

And then, really reward yourself with a good laugh by watching this remix:

So hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, and hide yo' husbands, causetheyrapin'ereybody out here. And then update your google reader :)


Anonymous said...

Storywood has been fine in my Google Reader- posts have come through same as usual.

Darby said...

Hmm... maybe I just missed it!?? But I added Storywood to my reader and now I'm getting them. Maybe it did feed and I just deleted it. Who knows... either way people can't be too safe and go ahead and add it!

Tara said...

Just so you know how I stumbled upon your blog, I'm friends with Tara Roney. I wanted to make you feel better about not knowing about this a Halloween party last year for a bunch of 30-something couples and their children one of the dads dressed up as this guy...and no one knew who he was! He thought he was going to win the costume award, but instead he had to explain this video all evening...we told him was hanging out with the wrong crowd...he should have used that costume at a college party!

Lauren said...

Oh Abby, I'm so sorry Antoine Dodson has not been a part of your life for longer! The remix is available on itunes! Word is he got lotsa money from the sales and moved his family up outta the projects. I hereby make myself responsible for notifying you of any worthy hilarious viral videos in the future.

Also, Google reader is awesome and a total time saver. USE IT!

Brooklyn said...

Haha - I saw "hide yo kids" a few months ago and it's still making me laugh.

Unknown said...

This was my first introduction to this video.... Im not sure if it is ok to say that I was laughing out loud crying (while my kids were sleeping)!! I wasnt laughing at the situation but I guess just how it was handled and talked about. I needed a good belly hurting laugh!!! I really do hate it was at their expense. Glad to know he made good money off that though.

Anonymous said...

If it is true he received any funds for the video it was due to a lawyer brokering a deal for a fee. I have just returned from a visit to Huntsville and was very impressed with the town. I did notice what appeared to be section eight housing and very exspensive palatial homes . the thought that some felt the awful event of someone breaking into a home and attacking a sleeping victim amusing confounds me. Where is the compassion? that there are members of society whose plight is so foreign to some that those that cannot find common ground and thus they find it funny??? is this not lacking a profound sense of wisdom to be outraged.

Kendall Boggs said...

Hey sweet friend. I love him! He's so real! By the way wink wink ;);) I'm doin a "giveaway right now on my blog that you just may be interested in!!!

Anne said...

This is a sure-fire way to turn your day around in a matter of minutes! "save to favorites" thanks for the laugh! i love your blog :)

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