Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas from Pace and Mary Aplin

I'm sorry to all you blog readers, who I know don't care about seeing picture after picture of our children opening presents :). These, however, are for our family. Thank you, thank you for the time and effort it took to send little pieces of you to us on Christmas morning. You seasoned Seattle with love, and we are so thankful.





Wow, this a lovely one of me! I did go to AUBURN and not Samford. This just happens to be the only sweatshirt in our house. Did I steal it from you Allie?



"Daddy, if you want me to tell the Christmas story I can. I did memorize it."

"Could we please stop telling the Christmas story over and over and just open a few presents?"




Aren't we sassy?

I love this lipgloss so much, I could eat it...oh wait, she is eating it.


"Oh the ballet costume I've been asking for for so very long! This is seriously graceful business."



Or...maybe not always so graceful :)

We were treated to dinner Christmas night in our dear friends' home.


And I haven't eaten at any restaurant in Seattle that had food this good.

Merry, Merry.


Gail said...

Precious!!!! I love every PIC' and every word! Happy New Year!!!! My wish for each of you...The New Year brings-- Gods Peace, Love, joy and Happiness. Bring on the New Year!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I looked at the clock last night and it said 11:11 and I thought of you- and said a little prayer for you, in a far-off city, at Christmas. Looked like it was sweet!
Your faithful blog reader, Mandy

Nancy said...

Precious Pictures!! So glad your Christmas was full of smiles & happiness!
Happy 2011!

Konie said...

Thanks for sharing:) AND even more excitement is on the way to your home RIGHT NOW!!!! :)) I'm a little envious....:(((( but must get over it:)) Have a fun fun week!!!! XOXO

Amie Ezelle said...

Way to go Pace! You did such a great job! And, I enjoyed listening to you tell the Christmas story. And, Mary Aplin, I loved the knock-Knock joke! It made me smile because our kiddos have been saying a lot of knock-knock jokes around here lately. Abby, your blog readers enjoy the pictures of your kids opening up gifts even if they aren't family. Take my word for it :-) I always enjoy seeing your pictures! Merry Christmas Maddox family!

Kelli said...

What a sweet post. We also learned Luke 2:1-14 with the encouragement from Darby's blog and I recorded it but can't figure out how to get it on my Glad you have a Merry Christmas...Kelli from Ohio

Kendall Boggs said...

LOVE the pics!!! thank you for making my morning! (oh and I agree with you on that food. you're makin my stomach growl!) yummerliciousness! xo. love you sweet girl!

Anonymous said...

What kind of boots are those that the girls got for Christmas? They are ADORABLE!!!

andi said...

Looks like a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year! :)

aedozier said...

Precious pictures! Mary McKinnon has those exact Ariat cowboy boots (I have the lighter mommy ones) and she lives in them! Dresses with fun tights..too cute! We also got the unicorn pillow pet. I will say I am a bit confused by them, but MM sure loves it. It's her pillow now. Can't use a regular pillow! War Eagle and Happy New Year!

Melissa Richie said...

of course i love all these pictures and seeing your sweet little chicken wings, but you know what stands out to me most??

that bacon. oh sweet mercy. that bacon.

i'm drooling :)

love you and miss you (and your bacon:)